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Hello, welcome to my shop and my imagitation World. First off all as you can see ? have two type of rug. Cotton Soft and Chenille Weaving. Let me explane what is different. Cotton Soft type looks like more hairy and pile height is 10 mm. Chenille Weaving type looks like vintage and pile height is 8mm. Apart from these, both types are high quality and useful products. Here is the details;
Cotton Soft: These carpets are made with cotton carpets without rubber or leather soles. It has been very popular lately. Now the new generation prefers it. Because ?t is practical and easy to clean.
Chenille Weaving: The word chenille is derived from the French word for caterpillar. The chenille pile loom is made by weaving pile yarn or fur as a weft. The tufts are then tied with cotton threads to form a long thread. Pile yarn is first woven on regular fabric looms and cut in a longitudinal striped pattern. The pile yarn is completed as weft and warp-tied cotton yarn.
All my rugs made by %90 cotton and %10 polyester. Which is that's why all of them soo soft and comfortable. All My Productions OEKO-TEX? | It is in STANDARD 100 Standards, with MSDS reports, and the highest quality Italian paints are used. They have antibacterial properties and easy to clean and all of them dust and stain resistant. Maybe my rugs should be bed or something :) (Its not a proposition. Please do not sleep on your rugs or lay down on your rugs :). Even if you want to do that, dont worry about it. Just wash your rug on washing machine before you sleep on it. Because you can wash your rugs, carpets and bath mats in your wash machine. All my products can be washed on the washing machine (delicate wash program) at 30 degrees. But please do not iron them and do not use bleach.
If you really really want to sleep on your rug, well they are Non Slip Rug. So don't worry while you turn left and right on your sleep :)
I have a lot of rugs and carpets on my shop. Do you looking for a bath mat set for your bathroom, or maybe you need a rug for living room. Maybe you get bored from your bedroom rug. Your children growing up or you just have a baby ? You can find childrens room rugs on my shop. I have soo many selections for rug for kids room. Which is really cute rugs awaits you on Kidsroom Section. And of course if you need a rug for kitchen, you can just find it on my shop. As i said all area rugs can be found on my shop. Some of them themed like Spider Man, Iron Man, Attack On Titan, Pink Floyd, Harry Potter, Rick and Morty rugs, some of them modern popular rugs, some of them mininalist rugs. If you if you are moving to a new house, or your friends do that, my rugs and carpets would be best for new home gift with free shipping guarantee all over the World. I hope you can find on my shop what you are looking for. If you want a special size or a special design or if you have a questions you can always contact with me. Or you just want to talk, I am here always for you :) Thanks in advance for choosing me.
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